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Government and businesses across the world are racing to enable the labour market to recover from the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. To this end, Frontend Information (FEI) has developed a cutting-edge voice technology to make the job market more efficient and easier to access.

The technology, dubbed ‘Frontend Information Voice,’ is a voice platform that enables employers to communicate with potential employees to source job market level information from a centralised hub. This technology captures applicants’ details including education, skills, experience, and current job status as well as past employment information. It also filters all job seekers based on a range of criteria and creates a list of potential matches for employers.

Further to helping with recruitment, the FEI Voice technology also helps to ensure that employees are provided with the best job opportunities and the right resources to succeed. The technology incorporates a powerful speech recognition engine that works with a set of machine learning algorithms to match job requirements to potential candidates. It also uses natural language processing technology to suggest relevant job vacancies and training initiatives that could benefit the user.

Moreover, the platform can be used by workers to document their qualifications and experiences while staying up to date on the latest trends in the job market. By doing so, workers are equipped with the best knowledge and can act quickly to find employment in the changing world of work.

The FEI Voice technology has already been tested in the Indian market and is being rolled out across countries to help the unemployed. The platform has received positive reviews from users and is seen as an excellent way to help job seekers get back on track.

By implementing FEI Voice technology, employers will be able to streamline their recruitment processes and make the job market easier to access. This will help in lifting the global labor market out of the current downturn and position governments and businesses to return to economic growth and stability.

CareerEar rebrands to Earlybird and launches impressive onboarding software run by voice technological know-how and generative AI. Earlybird is empowering employability vendors to help you save time and cash and aid a lot more position seekers into top quality sustained employment.

The CBI has by now predicted that 40% additional men and women will be unemployed by the end of the calendar year. Employability companies – independent organisations that safe general public funding to guidance folks into work – will play a critical purpose in the UK’s restoration from this recession. Nonetheless, the Earlybird team observed that employability vendors confronted major difficulties onboarding job seekers on to their programmes. 

Earlybird’s application gives career-seekers accessibility to a conversational chatbot to which they can respond working with their voice to converse their interests, capabilities and barriers to get the job done forward of conference an employment adviser. The software’s audio analytics then extracts handy summarised insights to employability providers, equipping their advisors to provide tailor-made assist from their 1st conference.

Beforehand, the workforce experienced constructed CareerEar, a digital professions support platform that experienced supported a group of in excess of 3,000 individuals to investigate and discover professions, get guidance from individuals in a variety of industries and accessibility job prospects including education and work opportunities. On the other hand, just after the group performed research with employment advisors in the sector, they realised there was a sizeable possibility to increase the onboarding system and produced Earlybird to respond to the want. 

“From our exploration, we observed a massive possibility to empower the fantastic men and women carrying out the operate every day to assistance career seekers to realize their job potential.  By equipping work advisers with deep insights and aiding them to fully grasp their members from day 1, they are in a substantially improved posture to construct have confidence in promptly. This is critical to supporting an unique to get over their barriers and not only obtain but also maintain work.” stated Claudine Adeyemi (pictured), CEO of Earlybird. 

“With the new enhancements in voice engineering, we have been ready to build actually modern software that employs systems such as OpenAI to offer you an exceptional user encounter to work seekers who just want to really feel read, valued and supported.”

The Earlybird team, headquartered in London and funded by Resolution Ventures, believes that voice technological know-how has the power to revolutionise onboarding and is committed to supporting the advancement and influence of the employability sector with its know-how.

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