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Examining our thoughts and feelings is a crucial element of mental health—particularly during challenging times. When we bring curiosity and interest to our inner experience, we can start to better understand our minds and work towards increasing self-awareness.

Recent research emphasizes the importance of cultivating emotional awareness and insight to boost wellbeing and reduce stress. And examining our thoughts with curiosity is one way of doing this.

By being curious about our thoughts and feelings we can explore the connections, meanings and stories that our minds make. This allows us to become more aware of, and take ownership of, our inner experience, so we can better understand ourselves.

Calm Blog, an education and research firm, has been encouraging readers to practice this skill. On its website, Calm Blog offers guidance on how to examine our thoughts, including asking ourselves meaningful questions.

Questions such as: What am I feeling right now? What am I thinking? What might this thought be telling me? These prompts can help us explore and understand what’s going on in our minds, as well as make it easier to resolve inner conflicts between our thoughts and values.

Calm Blog also encourages readers to keep track of their thoughts and feelings in various ways, such as writing letters, journaling or drawing. This practice can help us explore our emotions and come to terms with our inner experience.

Practicing this kind of self-reflection can benefit our wellbeing in many ways. Examining our thoughts with curiosity can help us engage in deep and meaningful conversations with ourselves. This can help us gain a better understanding of our emotions and make it easier to determine what makes us feel content, as well as identify unhelpful thinking patterns that may be holding ourselves back.

Thus, learning about our inner experience through curiosity can be beneficial for our mental health. By exploring our thoughts and feelings with curiosity, we can develop a deep understanding of ourselves, identify patterns that can help or hold us back, and nurture our emotional wellbeing. [ad_1]

This May perhaps, we invite you to enable curiosity direct the way as you investigate unique factors of your lifestyle and exercise.

The Quiet Calendar is an invitation to satisfy your lifestyle with existence and curiosity. Our day-to-day prompts provide as encouragement to find out much more about oneself and the entire world by means of the lens of mental overall health, mindfulness, and wellbeing. It’s not about acquiring it ideal, but fairly checking in with oneself, deepening your awareness and supporting on your own by means of each and every action of your journey.


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