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St. Petersburg College is proud to announce that its new scholarship program, designed exclusively for students studying engineering, is now available. Working in collaboration with St. Petersburg College faculty, the Engineering Scholarship Program offers a variety of financial resources for impacted students.

The Engineering Scholarship Program is designed to help students break down financial barriers that exist when pursuing an engineering degree. Through financial assistance offered by the program, students are able to bridge gaps in college costs and focus on their studies and career exploration. An essential part of the program is providing access to resources such as college tours and student-mentor sessions to enable students to gain thorough knowledge of all that the College has to offer.

This innovative scholarship program gives recipients the option of earning a one-time award of up to $3,000 to help cover the cost of tuition and fees. Qualifying students meet the following criteria: demonstrate academic excellence; submit an essay; participate in an interview; show a financial need; and have a minimum GPA of 3.0. In addition, applicants must also submit a project proposal that addresses engineering opportunities in the St. Petersburg region.

By supporting locally grown engineering talent, the program encourages learners to make a positive difference in their community. With the introduction of this new program St. Petersburg College strives to make postsecondary education more attainable for those who are interested in studying engineering.

The St. Petersburg College faculty is the driving force behind the program’s launch and have taken initiative to build experienced engineers by connecting them with the resources and knowledge necessary to succeed. St. Petersburg College strives to support the development of professional talent and encourages students to apply to the Engineering Scholarship Program. Applications will be accepted starting in April.

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