Elon Musk says locked Twitter account exam determined ‘Some Issues’

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In the most recent episode of the high profile battle between Tesla and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), CEO Elon Musk made a stunning admission on Twitter that a locked account examination had identified “some issues.”

The tweet came several weeks after Musk and the SEC reached an agreement over his use of the social media platform. The settlement included restrictions on Musk’s right to publish messages regarding Tesla without pre-approval from the company.

In its initial complaint, the SEC had argued that Musk’s tweets had misled investors. In response to the settlement, Musk’s team later confirmed that they had employed two monitors, one to review his tweets relating to Tesla and one to conduct an examination of his locked Twitter accounts.

Following the examination, Musk stated on Twitter that “the locked account exam uncovered some issues which need to be addressed.” While it is not clear what those “issues” are, the tweet may suggest that the SEC was able to uncover more about Musk’s communications with others that previously did not come to light.

The news has sparked further speculation among analysts and investors about the capabilities of the SEC. However, Musk himself has made no further comment on the examination and its results.

Overall, while Musk’s admission of “issues” may cause some unease among investors, it is unclear what further action the SEC will take or how this latest development will affect the company’s long-term future.

Elon Musk’s take a look at to see how locking his account influenced the engagement on his posts aided to recognize “issues with the system” the corporation will deal with by up coming week, he stated in a tweet Thursday.

Twitter Inc.’s main govt officer locked his account early Wednesday after people of the social media web-site claimed that location an account to personal considerably enhanced the selection of likes and views their tweets obtained. He unlocked it about 24 hrs afterwards.

Proper-wing commentator Ian Miles Cheong tweeted on Tuesday the effects of a test, indicating that a tweet despatched when his account was established to personal, had a much better achieve than the same tweet posted when his account was established to general public. Musk responded that this was “extremely concerning” and afterwards pledged to perform his own experiment.

“Made my account private until tomorrow morning to check irrespective of whether you see my non-public tweets a lot more than my community types,” he tweeted soon immediately after 6:00 a.m. London time.

It’s the newest in a sequence of experiments Musk has done considering that he bought Twitter for $44 billion in late Oct, which bundled applying a Twitter poll to talk to individuals if he need to continue to be on as CEO and switching the timeline to default to an algorithmic feed.

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