Electric car or truck “spontaneously combusts” on California freeway. Oh, you know the brand.

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  • Electric car or truck “spontaneously combusts” on California freeway. Oh, you know the brand.
Electric car or truck “spontaneously combusts” on California freeway. Oh, you know the brand.

Tesla Car Spontaneously Combusts Even though Driving on California Freeway

Tesla recently brought about a stir after one particular of its motor vehicles spontaneously caught hearth whilst driving on a California freeway. In accordance to reviews, the electric powered car or truck was getting pushed in Barstow when the fireplace erupted. The driver and travellers had been luckily equipped to pull over to the facet of the highway and exit the car or truck in time. Though no just one was hurt all through the incident, the automobile was a total loss.

What Could Have Brought about the Hearth?

Though Tesla has still to verify the lead to of the hearth, doable explanations involve an issue with the car’s electrical procedure, batteries, or wiring. Tesla is now conducting a comprehensive investigation, and all homeowners have been recommended to have their vehicles checked out promptly to test for any possible issues.

Are Electric Autos Safe and sound?

Electric powered automobiles are typically thought of to be risk-free, and incidents like this are very exceptional. These styles of autos typically have a significant quantity of safety options, such as helpful braking and steering systems, lots of cushioning for passengers, and dependable battery devices.

What Should really Drivers Do?

Motorists of electric vehicles should really continue to keep an eye out for any signals of problems, such as smoke or uncommon noises coming from the car. If they suspect that some thing may well be incorrect, they need to immediately pull about and get in touch with for assistance. In addition, drivers need to stay up-to-day with their vehicle’s manufacturer’s servicing and inspection schedules to make sure that their cars are working securely and efficiently.

In addition, if their cars are associated in a hearth, they need to quickly the applicable authorities and their car’s company.


Electric cars have been developing in acceptance about the very last couple years, many thanks in portion to their name for remaining both dependable and effective. Even so, incidents like this provide as a reminder that even electric powered autos can be inclined to problems. Drivers really should choose added caution and remain notify to be certain that their automobiles are operating as safely and securely as doable.