Earthworm sex is really passionate (movie)

Earthworm sex is really passionate (movie)

Earthworm Sex: A Incredibly Intimate Affair

Earthworms are historically not the most glamorous of animals but a short while ago a video clip of two earthworms was launched displaying their incredibly passionate courtship. The online video is fascinating and demonstrates a glimpse of their courtship, shedding light on their surprisingly complicated mating actions.

Earthworm Courtship Rituals

When it arrives to seeking a mate, male earthworms will research for a female’s burrow and then start out a remarkably beautiful courtship ritual.

  • Exploration – Male earthworms will use their feeling of scent to search for a female’s burrow.
  • Embrace – The male will wrap his system all around the burrow probably binding the two worms together.
  • Assessment – The two worms will assess each and every other right before continuing with the courtship ritual.
  • Coils – Unbelievably, and much like a wild animal may well do, the two earthworms will rub their bodies in opposition to each and every other in a special, round movement.
  • Transfer – In the course of the embrace, the males will transfer sperm to the woman to fertilize her eggs.

Earthworm Mating System

Not quite a few persons are aware that earthworms have an exceptionally innovative and unique mating program. Though the specific facts of their mating program are nonetheless a mystery, researchers concur that out of all the unique kinds of animals, earthworms have some of the most complex mating practices.


So the next time you see an earthworm wriggling its way through your backyard garden, you can marvel at how intimate their mating rituals are. This online video actually shines a mild on the elaborate mating conduct of earthworms and their courtship rituals. Who realized?