Contemporary Indian Wedding Dresses For Women

Contemporary Indian Wedding Dresses For Women

Indian weddings are grand, rich in culture and tradition and come with a lot of vibrancy, joy and colour. With a variety of yummy food, a lot of rituals and guests from different corners of the country and sometimes world, an Indian wedding lasts for days and is no less than a celebration. It is the traditional Indian wedding dresses which always steals the show, however, with the evolution of time and we entering into a contemporary era, many Indian brides are choosing a wedding attire which is a fusion of tradition and modernity. With a lot of modern elements being added to these attires, contemporary Indian attires have reached a new height.

In this article we shall be focusing on some of the evolving trends of contemporary Indian wedding attires for women which reflect an amazing blend of heritage and style. It is an age of the internet, where eCommerce business is dominating the world, therefore, everything you can purchase easily with just a single tap or click. The same goes for outfits as well. This means that, if you are looking for Indian wedding outfits for different functions, you can easily order them from different websites. Like A Diva is one such website where you get different types of Indian outfits for women for different occasions and this also includes Indian wedding dresses.

Let us now have a look at some of the evolving trends of Indian wedding dresses which the contemporary brides love to wear.

Traditional Roots and Modernity

When it comes to an Indian wedding, sarees and lehengas are the traditional attires which are preferred the most. The country is a representation of diverse culture and this is reflected in the intricate designs of these outfits. Although these traditional attires are still on demand, they are now coming with a twist which is a combination of tradition and modernity. This fusion suits today’s generation and it shows the counter cultural impact which they have in their life due to globalisation. The generation from the postmodern era have grown under the influence of mass media and today, they are surrounded by social media wherever they go. Therefore, there is a new fusion seen in their lifestyle today. Through their outfits they give a message that they are deeply rooted to their culture and tradition and at the same time they are accepting the new trends and norms. It is the inclusion and acceptance which have led to incorporation of unconventional fabrics, intricate designs, innovative silhouettes and other contemporary elements to their wedding outfits.

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The Colour Palette

Red and maroon are the classic colours when we imagine an Indian bride in her wedding attire. However, contemporary Indian brides love to experiment with colours the most. Pastel colours are a new trend which involve unique colours like mint green, blush pink, beige and alike. If they opt for bright colours, ditching the classic red and marron, they choose colours like blue, bright orange, bottle green and alike. If you are looking for Indian dresses online or purchasing from a shop, you can look for these colours to remain on trend.

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The Fusion of East and West

Last but not the least, Indo western wedding outfits are on trend these days. Whereas for weddings it is always a traditional Indian attire with contemporary elements, when it comes to pre wedding and post wedding functions, Indo western outfits are reigning everywhere. It is the inclusion and fusion of two cultures which is celebrated. It is a fusion of Indian and western styles where both the Indian and western elements are equally included. If you are looking for designer wedding dresses, you can consider these Indo western outfits.

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