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On Thursday May 10th Choffin Career and Technical Center held a special event to honor both Black Heritage and the Occupations Tech Ed program. By hosting African-American leaders as well as student volunteers, the event aimed to expose and educate students on the rich heritage of the African-American community.

The event began with a discussion from keynote speaker and past Choffin student, Reshaunda Simmons. Simmons captivated the audience with her honest account of life struggles and successes which was accompanied by uplifting music. Following her speech, a panel of African-American community leaders including pastor Clifford McWilson, Dr. Michele White and Reverend Floyd Leon Borders, discussed their professional accomplishments as well as the great strides the African-American community has made.

The evening concluded with performances from the Choffin cheerleaders and the Youngstown Cavaliers. While the cheering and clapping filled the room with enthusiasm, there was a solemn moment of silence remembering two former Choffin students, Michael Miller and Jowalen Smith, both of which passed away in the previous year.

The occasion provided an opportunity to celebrate Black Heritage as well as the Occupations Tech Ed program. Through stories, encouragement, and positive examples, Choffin Career and Technical Center demonstrated to its students that anything is possible regardless of racial or economic backgrounds.

The Occupational Tech Ed program at Choffin provides courses in a variety of hobbies as well as professional fields such as carpentry and IT. According to program teacher Jennifer Crowe, “These students don’t just learn the mechanics of their trade; they also learn about becoming professionals and the importance of communication and teamwork.”

As the evening concluded and each attendee made their way out, Principal Eugene Iverson smiled and said, “I am proud that we had the opportunity to come together and celebrate our African-American heritage, as well as the budding success of our Occupations Tech Ed students. I am thankful for the great men and women who have come before us and thank them for helping pave the way for today’s youth.”

Choffin celebrates black background and career tech ed  Youngstown Vindicator

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