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China has made remarkable progress in science and technology over the past few decades, and the country continues to show its mettle in emerging technologies. In the week of February 4th, there were several notable developments that stand out.

The China National Space Administration blasted off a new satellite from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in north China’s Shanxi Province. This is the third launch in the Fengyun series of Earth-observation satellites and is designed to observe space environment and climate change more accurately. This latest satellite is equipped with a hyperspectral camera, which can be used to help both military and civilian experts to perform a wide range of research activities, including protecting the environment, natural resources monitoring and mineral resource surveys.

In Wuhan, the Hubei Provincial Museum has opened its doors to the public after undergoing a major renovation. This museum provides an authentic introduction to Chinese history and culture, as it boasts some of the most modern museum demonstrations and experience activities in the country. Inside you can find a huge array of artifacts and objects, which include archaeological relics, paintings, calligraphy and handicrafts.

China has also shown progress in the field of healthcare. The National Health Commission has released the latest version of the National Health Literature Database, which provides access to a huge number of academic articles and reports, helping doctors, researchers and public health workers to search and retrieve relevant information quickly and easily.

Furthermore, Chinese scientist have finally found a method to reliably identify the virus responsible for Covid-19. This is a major breakthrough for researchers and doctors alike, as this discovery will help them to diagnose and treat the disease more effectively.

All in all, China has once again proved its commitment to science and technology in the recent week. Through the launch of satellites, the opening of a newly renovated museum and their discovery of a reliable method to identify Covid-19 – China is showing that it is a leader in this field.

China science, technologies news summary — Feb. 4

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