Canvas Prints Guide : All You Need to Know About Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints Guide : All You Need to Know About Canvas Prints

If you are planning to get beauty to your home, a reliable choice is canvas prints. They are not basic wall art. These beautiful art pieces have the potential to glam up the walls of your house and induce a flair of positivity in them.  

Not only do they beautify your space, but also help you to relive the best moments you have created with your dear ones. Sounds interesting, right? So, let us figure out more about them. But before all this, let us find out what is a canvas print.  

What is a Canvas Print?  

As the name goes by, a canvas print is an art piece wherein an image is printed from an inkjet printer over the canvas and is then stretched to a frame. A canvas print is a wonderful way to flaunt your pictures. They are art pieces that can be hung on the wall to beautify them.  

These prints are stretched over a wooden frame. And when you use your pictures as canvas prints, they help to relive your best moments with your loved ones.  

Where Can You Hang Your Canvas Print? 

Usually, people get confused about where to place their canvas prints. Enlisted below are the ideas about hanging your canvas print. They will definitely help you to place your art piece in a better way.  


Shelves are the place where we actually keep a lot of stuff. However, the shelves appear quite boring. So, enhance their beauty by adding a canvas print just above it. You can select an abstract print or a motivational quote. This way, whenever you pass by your shelf area, you will be willing to work hard to achieve your goals.  

Living Room  

The living room is the place where you spend time with your loved ones. Whether you all get into the serious pep talk or the laughing the hearts out. The wall of your living room is the perfect spot to place your canvas print. Add a touch of love to your living room by adding a canvas print that has your family portrait. Whenever any family member glances at it, they will be filled with love for each other.   


Most of us spend our leisure time in our bedroom. So, it is a wonderful idea to place your romantic canvas print in your bedroom. Get the best picture with your partner transformed into a canvas print. It will help in reigniting the romance between you both.  


We all keep complaining about the same old dishes. Get your favorite dish imprinted on the canvas and place it in your kitchen. It will serve as a subtle reminder for your Mumma to try out different delicacies.  


We worship our work. And we want to make everything perfect. Select a motivational quote that keeps you working efficiently, transform it into a canvas print, and place it in your office. It will surely give you a boost to work efficiently.  

Even when Monday morning blues hit you, this beautiful art piece is sufficient to keep you motivated to work well.  

Canvas Print Sizes 

When you have decided to create your canvas print, you should give thought to the size of it. While selecting the canvas print, ensure to consider the wall’s size and the number of photos you want to include. Some reliable applications offer different sizes for canvas prints. Such as 16×12, 30×20, 24×18, 20×20, 20×15. 

How to Hang Your Canvas Print?  

As you have already chosen the size of your canvas print. And when you have decided the destination where you want to place it. Let us figure out the ways to hang the canvas print.  

Decide the Wall 

You might have already decided on the place but now the choice is to decide on the wall where you want to place your canvas print. Clean the wall using a damp cloth. Next, you have to mark the point where you want to place the canvas print. And if your furniture is just right there, then hang your wall décor about eight to ten inches above the furniture.  

Hang Your Art Piece 

The moment you have been waiting for will arrive at this step. Use nails or J-hooks to secure the prints on the wall. Also, ensure that they are properly hung. And now admire your art piece as much as you want.  

Why are Canvas Prints Popular?  

Enlisted below are the reasons why canvas prints are so popular. Let us find out about them.  


Canvas prints are made of stern and sturdy materials. Because of the durability of the canvas prints, you can touch these prints. And with every touch of these prints, you can travel memory lane.  


As the canvas prints look absolutely amazing, but they do not get heavy on our pockets. They are quite affordable and come at a very nominal price. So, you have one more reason to get your hand on this beautiful keepsake. Own yours now to flaunt your best moments with your family. 

Relish Memories 

We Indians love to visit back the good times that we have created with our dear ones. One of the undeniable advantages of owning canvas prints is that it helps to revisit the best moments. Whether it is the picture of your favorite family trip or the moment when you were taking ‘pheras’. All of your memories deserve to be preserved permanently. Make those memories permanent by transforming your pictures into canvas prints.  

Easy to Create 

Creating a canvas print is not a difficult task. There are some quick applications that create your canvas print quite quickly. And it saves time as you don’t have to visit the local vendor. Your canvas print will be ready in just a few clicks.  

Easy to Clean 

Cleaning your art piece is quite easy. Get your hand on a damp cloth and remove all the dust present on your canvas print. One thing that you must miss out is not to use alcohol on your canvas print at all. The usage of alcohol will spoil the charm of your print.  


So, my dear readers, now you got to know about canvas prints. Where to place them and why to own them? Now, you just have to download a reliable application that is known for offering top-quality canvas prints. Some applications also offer canvas print in different wrap styles like, image, mirror, black and even white wrap. Choose the one that suits your choice.