Blue Sapphire: Everything That You Should Know About This Nature’s Marvel

Blue Sapphire: Everything That You Should Know About This Nature’s Marvel

There are various kinds of gemstones in the world each with its own beauty and grace but, the magnificence of blur sapphire is totally different. From young ladies to aged women, from the middle class to the royal gentry, every one is in love with this nature’s marvellous creation. Formed under intense temperature and pressure usually by the earth’s tectonic movements beneath the earth crust leads to the formation of this beautiful gemstone. Just the right amount of aluminium, oxygen, and other elements leads to the formation of a crystal lattice known- The blue sapphire. The amazing creation of the Mother Nature shows how patience and pressure gives birth to such one-of-a-kind gemstones. The blue sapphire jewellery such as blue sapphire necklace, etc are the most beloved and sought after gemstone in the history and finds reference in the stories of various members of the royal family too.

Astronomical Significance and the Celestial Connections

Focus, wisdom, spiritual enlightenment, etc are all virtues associated with this precious gemstone. In the world of astronomy and metaphysics, this gemstone is considered to be the king of all celestial energies and celestial connections. A number of cultures also believe that this gemstone is know to bring clarity of thought, protection and mental stability to whoever wears it. It also paves way for its wearer towards the path of higher consciousness and self- discovery. It is also believed that this gemstone enhances intuition which allows individuals to tap into their inner wisdom and make calculated decisions in life. This is the reason why people so strongly believe in this gemstone and is often passed on to the future generations of the family as heirlooms and keepsakes.

How Can You Distinguish Between the Natural and Synthetic Blue Sapphire?

The market of blue sapphires is quite wide with a number of options available for various kinds of buyers. If you are someone obsessed with this blue beauty, then you may definitely go for the synthetic ones which are comparatively very cheap and easily available. While on the other hand if you are someone who wanted to reap the harvests of the astronomical benefits of this gemstone or keep it as an expensive and prized possession then, you must for the natural ones. Luckily, there are a number of ways in which you can differentiate between the natural and the synthetic gemstones.

1. Colour and Clarity: This which appear too perfect to be true are actually deceptive in nature. Same goes with these blue sapphires as well. The natural blue sapphire will have the deep blue hue but will also have a few inclusions which authenticate the originality of the gemstone as all this occurs due to natural reasons. While on the other hand the artificial gemstones will be too perfect with equal cuttings which makes it quite literally impossible for any gemstone to be under natural circumstances.

2. Origin: Gemstones from Kashmir, Burma and Sri Lanka are so much in demand due to their originality, quality and perfection. Verification of the certifications can ensure its originality and authenticity.

3. Price: Well, you cannot always trust this parameter as even the synthetic ones can be sold at higher prices but, usually there is a considerable difference between the price of the natural and the synthetic blue sapphires. So, the next time you go to buy your sapphire eternity ring and you are offered lower rates, beware- that must be a synthetic one.

4. Reputable Seller: Always try to buy these precious or semi- precious gemstones from certified and trustworthy jewellery and gemstone sellers. There are a number of gemstone sellers in the UK such as AG & Sons, etc you can visit their outlets or even shop online and get the original gemstones delivered to you safely.

Summing Up
The blue sapphire stone stands as a heritage of a number of families who have passed on this jewel to their younger generations. Its origin and formation within the heart of the mother earth symbolize the wonders of nature’s. And this, is the reason of its unmatched beauty and elegance. So, the next time whenever you plan to buy sapphire earrings in UK or any other jewellery of your choice, just make sure you are buying the authentic piece. Rest assured that you will never regret buying this precious gemstone.