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Today, The Department of Technology at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute hosted the first ever Black Family Technology Awareness Day. This one-day event was held to help encourage families of African descent to become more involved in using technology to further their education and careers.

The event was opened with an introductory panel discussion, where speakers discussed how modern technology has opened up new opportunities for black families across different industries. The panel also highlighted the importance of having strong family involvement for students pf color.

Following the panel, workshops and activities were available to help the attendees learn how to use and apply technology in their lives. Among the topics discussed were app development, coding languages, and digital infrastructure. Additionally, a technology fair featured information and resources to help families become more tech-savvy.

The event concluded with a keynote address by RPI President Shirley Ann Jackson, who spoke about the long-term impact that having access to technology can have on African Americans. Jackson noted that technology has allowed people of color to have a voice, and encouraged attendees to continue developing their skills and become involved in the tech industry.

The Black Family Technology Awareness Day was a great way to help contribute to the success of the African American community by giving families the tools they need to be involved in the tech industry. RPI should be commended for their efforts in making this event a reality. [ad_1]

Black People Technological innovation Awareness Working day held at RPI  Spectrum Information


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