Best VPNs For Torrenting Reddit 2023

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is generally used to get a secure connection for streaming videos. But if we talk about torrenting, it is prohibited in some corners of the world. Many users on Reddit have suggested using VPNs for the same purpose.

While exploring for the best VPN Reddit, you must know the VPN you use for streaming will not go perfectly for torrenting. But thanks to some of the Reddit honest users who have suggested some top-rated VPNs to use for torrenting. Save your time and give a read to our efforts, We have gathered the best VPNs from Reddit users’ suggestions.

Features that a secured VPN must acquire

You may get hundreds of VPNs to download online but how to check the reliable and secured one? Check the list of features it provides, and match it with this list. If it fulfils all the requirements then go with that.

  • Forwarding the port: The frequent users of torrenting know the benefits of a secured VPN. The Main is the downloading speed becomes much faster with this feature which is a main need in today’s world.
  • The VPN shouldn’t leak IP addresses which is the basic functionality of any VPN. Reddit users recommend using secure & reliable VPNs for torrenting.
  • A shared IP VPN sometimes asks to fill captcha on torrenting sites which may sometimes be frustrating and time-consuming for users. Choose wisely with No Captcha Filling.
  • The reliable service providers would ask you to log in which must be simple enough.
  • It must provide a high speed for downloading and torrenting.

These are some features that the best VPN for torrenting Reddit must acquire.

Top torrenting VPNs according to the Reddit

Not all Reddit suggestions are genuine but most of them are. So to save you time, we have designed a list of the best free VPN Reddit that you can directly use for torrenting:

1). NordVPN

Almost every Reddit editor has suggested this VPN for torrenting purposes. It just charges $3.19/month for its secured and best services that fulfil all the above features.

2). SurfShark

Similar to NordVPN, SurfShark is also a most widely used VPN which is affordable and offers any number of simultaneous connections.

3). PureVPN

Get the best experience of torrenting on PureVPN, as it acquires the features to be a perfect, secure and reliable VPN.

4). ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is mainly famous for the speed it offers and what else you can ask from a secured and reliable VPN for torrenting. 

5). ProtonVPN

It’s one of the best p2p VPNs for torrenting that offers both free and paid versions. The free version is enough for occasional torrenting. If you do it regularly then go with the paid version which is much more affordable and provides high security.


All these VPNs acquire the features, that are defined in the article, to be a reliable, secured, leak-proof, confidential VPN

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