Benefits of schools with art-inclusive curriculum

Benefits of schools with art-inclusive curriculum

In this contemporary era, education is no longer confined to traditional subjects but has expanded much beyond textual knowledge. Changes in society’s mindset coupled with the global reach facilitated by the internet, have brought about a paradigm shift in the traditional curriculum design. Along with maths and science, art is also given equal importance as other subjects, both by parents and schools. This is why many parents today look for schools that offer extracurricular activities in addition to quality academic performance. Right from Nursery schools in Ghaziabad, parents emphasise schools that offer both. 

Children exposed to an environment where art is valued as highly as printed textbooks from an early age tend to develop elevated mindsets and discover a world of infinite opportunities. From their formative years, they are introduced to distinct and uncommon growth options, allowing them the possibility of choosing a unique profession at a later stage. 

Many nursery schools in Ghaziabad like DPS, have been keeping up with these changing expectations of parents with their uniquely designed curricula. They ensure the intellectual as well as creative development of children starting from their incipient years of schooling. Remarkable improvements have been observed in children after involving them in an educational landscape that emphasizes art alongside traditional education. 

Here are Some Advantages of Having an Art-inclusive Curriculum: 


First, incorporating art into the curriculum provides children with a balance, offering them a break from intensive academic subjects. This could include activities like drawing, crafts, music, dance, or theatre. During these sessions, children are not bound by strict rules, allowing them to perform at their own pace. There is no competition among students; they are simply encouraged to participate without pressure to excel. This rejuvenates them and enhances their overall efficiency throughout the day.

If you’re looking for a prime illustration, you can visit the official website of DPS, regarded as one of the Best schools in Vasundhara. On their extracurricular tab, you will discover details and examples showcasing the high quality and diverse range of art-related activities offered by the school.

– Active participation in extracurricular activities can help a child discover their passion at an early age. Some of these activities provide an outlet for hidden talents to be showcased and performed in front of others. It is even more beneficial when professional guidance is available from teachers or trained coaches at the school. This can open up life-changing opportunities for children to excel in their chosen field, making both their parents and the school proud. The best schools in Vasundhara not only prioritize academics but also go the extra mile to support students in interschool competitions.

– Art activities stimulate creativity in children. Academic subjects can often be quite structured and focused on concepts and theories with limited room for creativity. However, when children engage in creative arts, they have the freedom to make their own modifications and infuse their thoughts, emotions, personalities, and impulses into their creations. When their artistic expressions are recognized and appreciated by their peers, teachers, and parents, it boosts their self-confidence.

You will find some of the top-notch nursery schools in Ghaziabad that provide children with the freedom to think creatively and explore outside traditional boundaries.

– Through art, children have the opportunity to explore their identity and self-concept. As they learn to express themselves through their creations, they often incorporate elements of their cultural background, personal interests, and life experiences, leading to a deeper understanding of their own identity. Additionally, teachers play a crucial role in guiding their creativity, helping children become aware of their mistakes and the potential for improvement. 

– When a child is encouraged to think outside the box, it enhances their creativity and innovative thinking skills. In today’s internet-dominated world, schools are preparing students to adapt to this digital era. With the help of their parents, children can now create their own content and share it online, reaching a global audience. The recognition and appreciation they receive can have a profound impact on their future careers and professional lives. 

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The four major performing arts of India are dance, music, theatre, and film. All these are facilitated with professional guidance at one of the best schools in Vasundhara – Delhi Public School. The school curriculum also includes various forms of visual art at different age levels, such as art, sculpture, painting, crafts, and drawing. Every year an event called Sandarshika is organised for students to showcase their talent in front of their peers and parents. Explore the official DPSG website, where you will be amazed by the incredible creations crafted by students. If you want to admit your child into a well-equipped nursery school in Ghaziabad, then DPS is a great choice.