August 2022 Relaxed Calendar — Calm Blog site

Summertime is upon us, and with it comes the promise of an even sunnier and relaxed month of August in 2022. For those looking to make the most of the summer, the Calm Blog site is proud to present its August 2022 Relaxed Calendar. With ample opportunities for rest and relaxation, this calendar offers something for everybody, from outdoor activities like cycling, hiking and rafting to days dedicated to self-care through meditation, yoga, and journaling.

The August Relaxed Calendar begins with a two-day weekend, forcing friends and family to mentally slow down and allow space for themselves. After that, the month is a splendid mix of work, play and leisure, with three days of rest each week.

On the workdays, special events and activities are dotted throughout the week to ensure peak performance and personal satisfaction. Activities such as podcasts and video games are available to help break up the monotony of the day, while self-care plans keep everyone healthy and happy.

The weekend has no bounds, with no regulations or rules set aside for what days off should look like. While some may prefer spending time with loved ones and taking part in activities like exploring the outdoors, others will relish the opportunity to lounge and spend time with themselves.

The August Relaxed Calendar is all about giving yourself permission to go at your own pace, regardless of the season. With ample time for kicking back and spending time with yourself and others, the Calm Blog site aims to grant everyone the opportunity to enjoy the best of what summer has to offer.

With the August 2022 Relaxed Calendar, the Calm Blog site boldly takes the summer by the horns to make sure people everywhere can turn what’s usually a busy month into a sun-filled and balanced one.

The Serene Calendar is an invitation to meet your life with existence and curiosity. 

Our each day mindfulness affirmations provide as encouragement to discover more about you and the globe. All to say it’s not about acquiring it appropriate, but relatively checking in with oneself, deepening your recognition and celebrating every phase of the journey.

This August, we invite you to carve out five (or far more) minutes day by day to “free write” with these journal prompts. Enable the terms circulation, and recognize what occurs in your body and head.

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