As some go on from the pandemic, folks with prolonged COVID come to feel frustrated and on your own : NPR

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As the novel coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage communities across the United States, it seems that for some, the pandemic has created a new set of challenges, outlasting illness and in some cases, a seemingly successful recovery. These “long-haulers” have been dubbed “the forgotten victims of the pandemic” due to the mysterious and challenging nature of their illnesses.

A recent report from NPR News looked at how some of these patients — who continue to experience coronavirus symptoms long after the acute phase of their diagnoses — are feeling isolated and at a loss as to how to return to their lives prior to the pandemic.

The report highlighted the struggles that these “long-haulers” are facing on a daily basis. For example, one woman highlighted in the piece stated that she can no longer take care of herself like she used to prior to getting sick. The woman noted how it used to be a simple chore to go grocery shopping or take out the trash, but since COVID-19, it has become a daunting task. Cognitive and physical fatigue are just a few of the common symptoms long-haulers are reporting to their doctors.

With specialists being unsure about the cause of long-term COVID-19, many folks are turning to self-care remedies such as rest, exercise, and nutrition to help alleviate their symptoms. Unfortunately, these activities do not provide a cure, and long-haulers are feeling the impact of prolonged illness on top of anxiety, depression, and loneliness.

The psychological strain of living with a mysterious illness is immense, and long-haulers must be mindful of the toll it may be taking on them. Self-care is essential, but so is seeking help from a trained mental health professional if they’re feeling overwhelmed.

Although it is not clear when the pandemic will end, it is certain that there are still many cases of so-called “long-haulers” across the country. Let’s continue to keep these patients in our thoughts and lift them up with our support. [ad_1]

You can find deep annoyance growing between folks with long COVID at the deficiency of progress in treating the affliction.


To California, which not too long ago ended its COVID emergency. The planet in normal seems to be transferring on from the pandemic, but thousands and thousands of individuals nonetheless undergo from lingering complications. LAist reporter Jackie Fortier identified deep frustration developing amid men and women with prolonged COVID throughout his Point out of the Union handle.

JACKIE FORTIER, BYLINE: President Biden claimed the U.S. is recovering from the pandemic.


PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: Right now, COVID no longer controls our lives.

SHELBY HEDGECOCK: Listening to that is extremely disappointing and infuriating.

FORTIER: Shelby Hedgecock is one particular of the believed 15 million grownups in the U.S. who are at present suffering from extended COVID. With the federal health and fitness unexpected emergency ending in May possibly and masks frequently considered a thing of the past, Hedgecock says men and women with prolonged COVID sense like they are on their very own.

HEDGECOCK: We have been wounded by this virus. And so patients are shedding hope. We feel swept underneath the rug.

FORTIER: People with long COVID are no lengthier contagious, but health and fitness problems related to their an infection extend on and on. It can be joined to a kaleidoscope of a lot more than 200 signs or symptoms, states Dr. Linda Geng, co-director of the Stanford long COVID clinic.

LINDA GEND: It is a elaborate, most likely multi-technique condition of manifestations that persist just after COVID infection, and it can be pretty debilitating.

FORTIER: It is not however acknowledged why some folks develop extensive COVID and other individuals do not, suggests Dr. Alice Perlowski. She’s a lengthy COVID patient and a cardiologist in LA.

ALICE PERLOWSKI: There is not 1 specific test that can notably detect it. I wouldn’t suppose that you can’t get very long COVID because you experienced COVID a couple of times and were high-quality.

FORTIER: The severity and duration of extended COVID differs. And there’s some study suggesting that antivirals may slice the danger of acquiring extended COVID if you are recently contaminated. Some men and women recover in a couple of weeks, even though a more compact variety have debilitating and lingering overall health concerns. Shelby Hedgecock’s COVID infection left her struggling to breathe at night time. For months, her brain didn’t get sufficient oxygen. She was unable to study for 19 months.

HEDGECOCK: It was like there was a disconnect among the terms and my brain.

FORTIER: Just before the spring of 2020, when she bought contaminated, Hedgecock’s everyday living revolved close to exercise. She worked as a personal trainer in LA. On the weekends, she competed in stamina races. Now she isn’t going to depart her apartment without a health care alert button that can instantly connect with an ambulance.

HEDGECOCK: I’ve handed out in the shower in advance of. I have passed out by itself at residence in advance of.

FORTIER: Hedgecock moved from LA back property to dwell with her family in Tennessee due to the fact she are unable to be by itself.

HEDGECOCK: It’s challenging. I have by no means dealt with nearly anything like this prior to COVID, and it is been lifetime transforming.

FORTIER: For other patients, long COVID has weakened family members associations. Julia Landis says her prolonged relatives will not consider her affliction is a major sickness.

JULIA LANDIS: If this have been cancer, I’d be dwelling with family members, I am positive of it.

FORTIER: Landis is one of an approximated 3.8 million grownups in the U.S. who currently have extensive COVID so critical it impacts their everyday lives.

LANDIS: That is been the most difficult element is not truly experience like any individual really cares in the family.

FORTIER: Numerous lengthy COVID patients experience dismissed by health professionals. Linda Rosenthal requested that staff members don masks all through her visits to her Orange County cardiologist’s office environment. If she will get COVID yet again, she could conclude up in the hospital. Days afterwards, she been given a letter. The cardiologist was no extended eager to be her medical doctor.

LINDA ROSENTHAL: It just throws, like, just a different thing in your route that helps make it a lot more tough to get the care that I deserve.

FORTIER: Even though she begins over yet again in Tennessee, Shelby Hedgecock has a crew of specialists aiding her gradually increase. She feels fortunate. She’s achieved people on line in extensive COVID groups who are unable to work.

HEDGECOCK: A large amount of them have missing their lifestyle price savings. You know, some are suffering from homelessness.

FORTIER: She’s concerned that when scientists are hunting for a cure or treatment, politicians will neglect about men and women with very long COVID having difficulties to stay a normal lifetime. For NPR Information, I am Jackie Fortier in Los Angeles.

SUMMERS: The story came from NPR’s partnership with LAist and KFF Well being Information.

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