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Apple Inc., the iconic American technology giant, recently reported that it suffered its first quarterly profits drop in over 37 years, marking the beginning of a new chapter in its history.

In the three months ending December 29th 2018, Apple reported a revenue of $84.3 billion, compared to its previous financial quarter’s revenue of $88.3 billion – a 4.5 percent dip. This revenue drop was largely attributed to a slump in iPhone sales, which accounts for 63 percent of Apple’s total revenue.

The dip in Apple’s profits is also reflected in its share prices, which is now down 14.1 percent from an all-time high in October 2018. However, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Tim Cook, is confident that Apple can reverse this recent downward trend and “be a bigger, stronger company than it’s ever been”.

Mr. Cook is optimistic that the current fall in profits and share prices is only a short-term consequence of Apple’s aggressive growth plans for 2019, and that the company is well-positioned to regain its market leadership.

He acknowledged that Apple is facing sales challenges in markets like China, where the government has imposed import tariffs on Apple devices and sales have slowed down. He expressed confidence that as the tariffs soften, Apple will benefit from its expansive presence in the country.

Overall, while the recent stats seem to be less than ideal, Apple’s leadership team reassures its shareholders and customers that the company will remain resilient through product innovation and increased investments.

That being said, the company is currently experiencing the first drop in profits since its foray into the computing industry almost four decades ago, and only time will tell whether or not the company will be able to rebound from this slump.

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