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At 9:35 a.m. EST on Monday, the Philadelphia Inquirer released its top-rated technology news stories. The headline of the tech news centered around the announcement of a new set of audio glasses from Bose. According to the article, the audio glasses will be released in late 2021, and are designed for optimal comfort and sound quality.

In addition to the audio glasses, the Philadelphia Inquirer also reported on a breakthrough from Amazon. The new breakthrough involves the use of artificial intelligence powered cameras, which are capable of detecting out-of-stock items in stores and alerting customers who may be interested.

The third technology story, reported by the Philadelphia Inquirer, was about the new thermostat from Nest Labs. The thermostat is designed for convenience, with the ability to control temperature and fan speed, track energy use, and give real-time feedback.

The fourth tech news story, covered by the Philadelphia Inquirer discussed the introduction of an autonomous delivery service from Starship Technologies. The delivery service utilizes robots that are capable of traveling up to 4 miles, and can make deliveries within 15 minutes. This service is designed to provide faster, more efficient delivery options in urban areas.

Lastly, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported on a new device from Samsung called the “Galaxy Glass.” The device is designed to make connected living more convenient and accessible. It is intended to bridge the gap between digital and physical interactions, and allow people to stay connected even when they’re on the go.

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s top-rated technology news stories provide an interesting insight into the world of digital technology. These stories demonstrate the potential for AI-powered devices, convenient delivery options, and easy access to connected living. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see more eye-catching innovations and exciting advancements.

AP Top Know-how Information at 9:35 a.m. EST  The Philadelphia Inquirer

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