Amazon’s iRobot order reportedly faces EU investigation (current)

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Amazon’s iRobot order reportedly faces EU investigation (current)

EU Launches Investigation Into Amazon’s iRobot Order

Amazon’s buy of the iRobot Company is reportedly going through investigation by the European Union. The investigation will contemplate whether Amazon’s acquisition of the very well-acknowledged robotics company stifles competition and innovation in the market for residence robots.


In December of 2020, Amazon introduced that it had completed its acquisition of iRobot Company, a major robotics business perfectly-acknowledged for their robotic vacuum cleaners. This acquisition was extensively seen as Amazon moving into the household robotics sector and leveraging their considerable sources and abilities to attain a aggressive edge.

The EU’s Investigation

As a outcome of Amazon’s acquisition of iRobot, the EU has released an investigation to determine if Amazon is dominating the industry with unfair aggressive strengths. In accordance to EU competitiveness commissioner Margrethe Vestager, “We want to make absolutely sure that consumers will not confront significantly less decision or stifled innovation as a final result of this merger. We will look into the aggressive results of the acquisition of iRobot by Amazon.”

Particulars Of The Investigation

The investigation will take a look at regardless of whether:

  • Amazon is leveraging its sources to unfairly dominate the current market for dwelling robots. The investigation will take into consideration irrespective of whether Amazon’s acquisition of iRobot offers it an unfair competitive gain in the marketplace for dwelling robots.
  • Innovation is being stifled. The EU will consider no matter whether Amazon’s command over iRobot is cutting down innovation and choice in the current market.
  • Competition are remaining unfairly disadvantaged. The investigation will also appear into whether or not Amazon’s acquisition of iRobot stops competition from getting into the market and competing on a stage taking part in subject.

The EU is envisioned to conclude their investigation and identify regardless of whether Amazon violated European competition law in just the upcoming yr. It is unclear what effects this might have on Amazon and the home robotics industry.