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In recent years, a surge in instrument theft has troubled professional musicians and audio professionals alike, inspiring many to explore new hi-tech security solutions.

In London alone, an estimated £800,000 worth of musical equipment has been stolen over the last year, with instruments such as guitars and amps being snatched from venues across the capital. Many of these thefts are believed to be carried out by organised criminal gangs targeting vulnerable venues and rehearsal spaces.

To combat this financial loss, musicians and audio professionals have had to innovate, introducing innovative security solutions such as GPS trackers, NFC tags and tracking software. These solutions allow users to protect their gear in a more sophisticated way, with real-time updates, tamper-proof technology and motion sensors all playing a part in keeping instruments secure.

Some of the most popular hi-tech solutions for auctioneers include the Magnetic £50 Guitar Gaffa Tracking System, an RFID product which helps to attach to an instrument and send alerts to the user if their equipment is moved. Other solutions include GPS stickers and smartphone apps specifically designed for instruments, allowing users to track the movements of their gear.

Whilst these hi-tech solutions may prove to be influential in deterring instrument theft, security professionals caution that these technological solutions cannot replace traditional preventive measures such as informing venue owners and investing in alarms and surveillance cameras.

In summary, the prevalence of instrument theft has resulted in audio professionals and musicians alike employed hi-tech security solutions in order to protect their gear. Although these solutions can be effective, it is still highly recommended that traditional preventive methods are utilised alongside technological solutions.

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