A PayPal ban &#039ruined&#039 Independence Telephone founder&#039s everyday living for a 12 months – Fox News

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When PayPal abruptly banned Jeffrey Klink from their platform, it sent a ripple of panic that threatened to destroy his business, Independence Telecom. After an ordeal that lasted twelve months, PayPal has agreed to reinstate Klink’s account, source Fox News.

According to Klink, PayPal seemed to have an issue with the way Independence Telecom handled certain orders. The company relies solely on PayPal for payment processing. But the ban forced Klink to resort to costly and time-consuming manual payments that took months to process.

According to Klink, the ban made it virtually impossible to run his business. Eventually, Klink had to sell his business and take a part-time job that paid significantly less than before.

Frustration set in as Klink and his lawyers sent hundreds of emails, sent several registered letters, and even hired a lobbyist, to no avail.

In July 2019, four months after Fox News ran a feature on Klink’s plight, Klink was finally reinstated by PayPal.

This ordeal taught Klink an important lesson. After the long road he had to take to get back financial security, Klink says he’s now more aware of the fragility of his business and how important it is to have other payment processing options. Klink said, “I want to make sure that no other small business owner has to go through what I did.”

Klink is grateful to be back in business and says that having a financial backup plan is key. He’s now focused on improving customer service, communications and transparency with clients. Klink encourages small business owners to ask questions, research options and maintain an open dialogue with payment processors.

A PayPal ban ‘ruined’ Independence Mobile phone founder’s everyday living for a year  Fox News

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