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A unique feature of American Airlines’ Name Correction Policy is that it categorizes name change and correction requests into two groups based on travel plans. The two categories of name corrections, Minor and Major, deal with similar types of name-change and correction requests, with the only difference being that they pertain to two different travel plans. Here we will describe each of these categories in detail, as well as the types of name-change and correction requests they include.

What are American Airlines’ policies regarding name changes?

In order to change the name on your American Airlines flight ticket, follow the set terms and conditions. Here are some highlights of American Airlines name change policy.

  • On an airline ticket, you can only change your name. You cannot mention anyone else, even if you want to.
  • The airline allows you to change your last name when getting married or divorced. In such cases, you will need to provide valid documents.
  • The name correction facility is available on unused AA flight tickets. However, to utilize this facility, you must have a TSA Global Entry, NEXUS, or SENTRI card. Make sure your name for correction does not match that of anyone else.

Name Correction Policy for American Airlines

In contrast to other Name Correction Policies For American Airlines categorizes name changes and correction requests based on travel itineraries into two groups. The two types of name corrections, Minor & Major, deal with similar kinds of changes and corrections, but their only difference is that they are related to two different itineraries. Here we will discuss both categories individually, the guidelines pertaining to each, as well as the types of requests for name-changes and corrections they contain.

Name changes and corrections types

According to American Airlines’ name correction policy, the six most common types of name-change requests are allowed on American Airlines tickets. Let’s take a closer look at each of these.

  1. Correction of last name

It is not limited to how many characters can be corrected at a time for corrections to the last name under American Airlines’ Name Correction Policy. The passenger can request any change to the last name that involves a change in one or more characters. Take the example of JONSON to JOHNSON or GONZALEZ to GONZALEZ. Similarly, passengers may request name corrections that remove a prefix or suffix, such as JR to GOODING.

  1. First name correction

It is not only possible to add or remove characters from first names, but you can also modify the first names in whole without any restriction under the American Airlines Name Change Policy. In this case, the allowed modification could be the change from a nickname to a full name or vice versa. For example, BOB could become ROBERT or ROBERT could become BOB.

Additionally, the name change policy accepts requests where the requested first names do not correspond to the original first names on the ticket. For example, DEMI becomes VIVIAN and PAULA becomes CARLA.

  1. Second or additional last names can be added or removed

It is possible for passengers to update their second last names in order to match the names on their government-issued id cards, such as GONZALEZ to PEREZ GONZALEZ for GONZALEZ and PEREZ VALENZUELA for VALENZUELA.

  1. In the case of a complete name change

When passengers experience any one of the life events listed below, American Airlines allows them to completely change their names.

  1. Marriage
  2. A divorce.
  3. An adoption.

Providing legal documents in support of your name change request is the only requirement in this case.

  1. Adding or removing a middle name

An American Airlines ticket does not require that you include your middle name or an abbreviated version of it. As a result, the name correction policy allows you to add or remove middle names from your ticket without any hassle.

  1. Corrections to the inverted names

In case their first and last names are inverted by mistake, passengers can correct their tickets under the American Airlines Name Correction Policy. In this case, an American Airlines passenger does not have to correct his flight ticket from ADKINS ROBERT to ROBERT ADKINS.

Following your understanding of the most common types of name changes and corrections requested by passengers, let’s examine the two major categories of name corrections and their corresponding guidelines.

Minor corrections to American Airlines tickets

It is possible for all passengers to amend their tickets. Amendments can be made only if the spelling is corrected minorly or majorly. Minor errors and corrections are only permitted on American Airlines and American Eagle flights. Furthermore, those itineraries marked with the initial R inventory are eligible for the major name change guidelines. Therefore, American Airlines can change the name on the ticket.

Major corrections to the name of an American Airlines flight

As a result of software limitations, American Airlines cannot make changes to PNRs for tickets with initial R inventory. Those tickets must codeshare flights as a result.

Guidelines for infant name correction

Ticketed travel routes that include codeshare segments as well as American Prime and American Eagle itineraries are covered by the Name Correction Policy of American Airlines. The names of infants traveling with their parents are not sent to other airlines that are participating in the codeshare as per this feature. Instead, a SSR message is sent to the partner airline informing them that an infant is traveling. Travelers on codeshare flights no longer have to encounter the troublesome name change process associated with codeshare flights, thereby reducing the hassles of a name change. The guidelines related to this are as follows:

  1. I) According to American Airlines’ Name Correction Policy, infant names must be corrected in the same PNR as adult names.
  2. II) DOB and gender information are required in the SSR DOCS SFPD.
  3. Iii) Tickets cannot be reissued without a waiver code.
  4. Iv) All new tickets must contain original automated endorsements.
  5. V) Reissued infant tickets for name changes or corrections must be issued at the original ticketed fare.
  6. Vi) Infant name corrections do not permit changes to original tickets’ travel routes.

Due to marriage/divorce, American Airlines changes the name on tickets

A full name change is possible only in cases of marriage and divorce. American Airlines allows passengers to change their last name upon marriage and divorce with supporting legal documentation.

AA Special Exception Name Change Policy: What is it?

A new exception policy has been created for American’s travel partners. It allows name changes for mutual customers when booking tickets on either of these airlines:

  • Ameristar Airlines Prime
  • AA Prime exchange
  • The       AA (codeshare)

More information about this special exception can be found on the American Airlines website or by contacting the airline’s customer service department.

Name modification for the passenger

American Airlines allows travellers to modify their first and last names up to three characters, provided that they must match the names on their passports and government-issued identification cards exactly.

Amended middle name for American Airlines

As a major Aa Name Correction, travellers can attach or delete the middle name.

The existing flight reservation will be assigned a new PNR if the name needs to be changed. Please call American Airlines’ name amendment phone line to find out how to modify your name in such cases.

Changing the travellers’ names to nicknames

Whether the traveller provides their maiden name or a nickname, they can add or delete up to three characters, and the traveller’s name must match the name on their passport or government-issued photo identification.

AA Flight Tickets: How to Make Name Corrections/Changes?

AA provides guidelines for correcting your name. Here are two methods to consider:

Online – Through the official website

  • Go to the airline’s official website.
  • On the homepage, click “Manage Trips.”.
  • Activate your account by logging in.
  • Follow the prompts to retrieve your booking.
  • To proceed with American Airlines’ name change, click on the ‘Find Reservation’ button.
  • You will see the flight list.
  • Make changes to the name of your flight by selecting it.
  • You must pay the fee.
  • On the ticket, modify your name.

Offline – by phone

  • Call American Airlines contact number.
  • To contact AA customer care, dial the IVR prompts.
  • Please inform your travel agent of any changes or corrections you would like to make.
  • If a change is possible, the fee will apply, or if any other details are necessary, they will inform you.
  • Afterwards, the modifications will be made.

Change of name through social media

In order to increase customer engagement, social media handles are a great tool. By offering instant customer support, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Whatsapp not only allow companies to interact live with their target audience but also help them create more happy customers. If passengers contact American Airlines via any of their social media handles, they will be able to get a response to name change queries more quickly.

Agents can correct names by chatting live

When it comes to solving queries and getting changes made in real-time on an American Airlines ticket, live chat with agents is undoubtedly the best method. The passengers have to log in to the website, click the live chat icon and enter their queries into the chat box to initiate live chat. The response time is usually very short because live agents solve customers’ questions in real-time and provide assistance.

Changing or correcting a name via e-mail

If you are unable to follow the other direct methods mentioned above, sending an e-mail with a name change or correction request to American Airlines customer support can sometimes be a good idea, especially when you are unable to follow other methods due to some reason.

Change/correction of names at airports

It is the best thing to do if meeting an American Airlines representative in person is what you prefer if you wish to change your name or correct your ticket. Visit your nearest airport for the purpose if you wish to accomplish the task. It is very time and effort consuming to use this method.

What are American Airlines’ name change fees?

It is normal for American Airlines to allow you to change your name for free. However, there is a $25 fee for changing your name again or making major changes or corrections.


There is a fee varying from $200 to $700 for domestic and international flights.

American Airlines ticket name change after marriage

  • Before traveling for your honeymoon, request a new passport with your changed name 12 months in advance.
  • Travelers should bring their driving licenses or passports with them since the TSA does not accept marriage certificates as identification.
  • Bookings with a name change after marriage can be expedited at a regional passport Center within a day.
  • Your marriage certificate is issued within two weeks after your wedding if you have booked your tickets with your maiden name.