A Critique of the Hum by Colgate Electric Toothbrush

The Colgate Hum Electric Toothbrush is a revolutionary and innovative dental hygiene tool that works to revolutionize the way you brush your teeth. Developed and manufactured by the Colgate-Palmolive Company, the Hum is designed to help users modify their brushing technique and provide an effective teeth cleaning experience. This critique seeks to evaluate the efficacy of the Hum Electric Toothbrush in keeping teeth and gums healthy.

The first thing that stands out about the Hum is its design. The brush is slim and lightweight, with a slim, multi-angled handle and a streamlined and easy-to-grip design that makes it comfortable to hold. The motor is powerful but quiet, with three brushing modes and customized settings for different brushing styles. The Hum’s vibrations are relaxing and effective, gently and deeply cleaning plaque from the surfaces of the teeth without putting too much pressure on them. It also comes with a timer that vibrates every thirty seconds, prompting users to switch to the opposite side of the mouth and helping them achieve better balance when brushing.

The Hum also comes with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to track their brushing habits and cleaning performance through the free mobile app via an interactive dashboard. This feature is perfect for users who want to monitor their brushing techniques and improve their oral hygiene habits. The data collected by the app helps users better understand their brushing patterns and adjust them to maximize their cleaning results.

Overall, the Hum Electric Toothbrush is an excellent product with a well-designed handle, powerful motor, and a variety of settings and features that make it an ideal choice for users who want an effective and comfortable brushing experience. The app is an added bonus, providing users with the information and guidance they need to keep up a consistently high standard of oral care. Highly recommended for everyone who values good dental hygiene habits.

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Early this week, my dentist gave me a pat on the again in the course of my bi-annual cleaning, telling me I bought an “A+” on my dental health. I’m really carrying this compliment all-around like a badge of honor since a) I enjoy praise, and b) I wasn’t often the sort of human being who received accolades from the dentist. And that’s all many thanks to far more diligent flossing and the electric powered toothbrush I started out working with this yr: Hum by Colgate ($35), a cost-successful and dentist-accredited way to level up your dental hygiene sport.

In all my cleanings major up to this a single, my dentists have normally explained to me (in so couple of phrases) that I could seriously perform on my flossing activity. They have also regularly pressured me to acquire an electric toothbrush, which they mentioned would thoroughly clean my enamel more extensively. And I was like constantly, like, “Eh! Is that truly so required? My typical brush appears just good, many thanks!” But truly, investing in an electrical toothbrush is a dental wellness recreation-changer—and most dentists throughout the board vehemently concur.

“Study shows that even with the finest handbook toothbrushing patterns, electric powered toothbrushes are extra efficient at getting rid of plaque, whitening enamel, stimulating and increasing gum well being, and a person’s total oral cleanliness,” Jonathan B. Levine, DMD, founder of JBL Dentistry in New York Metropolis, earlier advised us. Why just? “The minimal micro-actions of the toothbrush head allow for for you to brush far more with each go,” Levine discussed. Essentially, an electric toothbrush is just a whole lot a lot more impressive than a typical brush. It truly is like sending your car through the “deluxe” environment of a automobile clean vs . hosing it off oneself at property.

And most electric brushes, aside from brush power, have great capabilities like timers, many brush mechanism settings, and brief cost instances. Hum has all of these features, including three sonic vibration modes—normal, delicate, and deep clean. I use “normal” most often, but if my enamel are experience more grime-y, I’ll swap to “deep clear” and it’s going to experience like I just bought my tooth skillfully polished. It also has the capability to join via Bluetooth (you can use an application to make guaranteed you are focusing on the sections of your mouth that require some extra TLC), and a timer, which will allow you know after it is really been two minutes—the encouraged quantity of time to scrub your chompers—to enable you acquire improved brushing practices.

Apart from its performance, which is almost certainly equivalent to most popular electric powered brushes (like the Oral-B iO Collection 8 brush, or the stylish Quip brush that arrives with a membership), I adore that it is really so smooth and packable. Other electric brushes and their chargers can be a little bit as well cumbersome, taking up important real estate in my carry-on and even on my sink (#LABathrooms), but the Hum and its charger are compact.

The original set will come with 1 brush, charger, carrying case, and an further refill brush head (a two-pack refill is $9, and will very last you 6 months a piece, so it is a fairly great offer!). In addition, the toothbrush battery lasts ten times, so you do not have to hold out all over charging it each and every one morning or night.

I have developed actually dependent on that ultra-satisfying, can not-really feel-a-solitary-speck-of-gunk sort of thoroughly clean, and it won’t get any excess time out of my day to obtain that. As well as, gold stars from my dentist? Yes, make sure you!

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