8 Means to Lessen Driving Tension & Panic

Are you feeling anxious every time you drive? Is driving causing stress and overwhelm in your life? Feeling stressed out while driving not only affects your performance but can also cause accidents. While it is impossible to eradicate all driving related stress, there are several means you can use to reduce it. In this article, we will discuss 8 ways to lower the driving tension and panic.  

1. Start With Small Trips: If you feel nervous driving, start with short trips like a grocery run. Once you gain more driving confidence, you can add more complexity by taking longer drives and different routes.

2. Listen to Relaxing Music: Music can help you stay calm and focused while driving. Consider playing relaxing music to reduce stress while driving.

3. Place Pillows or Some Soft Item: Placing a pillow or some soft item on the steering wheel can help with the anxiety and stress of driving. This soft material lessens the tension in the arms and wrists, resulting in less emotional stress while driving.

4. Handle Distressing Thoughts: Every time you start feeling anxious while driving, pay attention to your body and the thoughts inside. You can practice mindfulness and deep breathing to handle these thoughts and relax your body while driving.

5. Make Driving Fun: Driving doesn’t have to be a stressful activity if you make it fun. You can listen to your favorite songs, practice mindful and deep breathing, and sing aloud with the music when you drive.

6. Visualize the Trip: Before getting into the car, take a few deep breaths and visualize the entire trip in your head. This will help you stay focused and less distracted while driving.  

7. Avoid Rushing: Remember, one of the major causes of stress and anxiety while driving is the feeling of being in a hurry. Make sure to leave your house on time so that you don’t feel rushed while driving.

8. Use Driving Apps: Use driving apps to help reduce stress and tension while driving. These apps provide assistance with speed limits, finding the fastest routes, and staying alert on the road.

By following these 8 tips, you can reduce the stress and anxiety associated with driving. Additionally, practice makes perfect when it comes to driving, so don’t be afraid to take more practice drives until you learn the ropes.

With just over 284 million cars in operation in the U.S, numerous, motorists really feel nervous and pressured when on the road. 

In accordance to Healthline, the selection of highway rage incidents is climbing, with 728 road rage situations transpiring in 2021, 522 of which involved injuries or loss of life. 

In addition to placing you at threat of encountering a road rage incident, stressed driving can negatively impact your cognition driving the wheel.

It can also go away you sensation sad and tired. If you struggle with nervousness and tension when driving, take into account the next 8 approaches to reduce driving strain and develop a quiet house for your self although on the highway. 

Why Do You Come to feel So Stressed Even though Driving?

A lot of persons working experience driving tension. A motor vehicle insurance marketplace study found that around 66% of U.S. motorists encounter some amount of panic whilst driving.

The study also studies that 75% of ladies come to feel anxious though executing driving maneuvers and that 62% of Americans have knowledgeable a traumatic incident relevant to driving. 

Driving worry is introduced on by a variety of various features. It may perhaps be that you had been associated in a prior visitors incident which triggers you to feel anxious when driving.

You may also experience stressed out by intense motorists who force you to work at a pace or way you don’t sense comfortable with. 

Driving tension can also happen when you are experiencing non-driving-similar strain.

If you come to feel sad, indignant, distressed, weary, or distracted thanks to present-day problems in your existence, your feelings can transfer to your driving encounter.

When this transpires, you may truly feel more conveniently stressed by other motorists or maneuver your car or truck in a way that leads to you to sense more nervous and stressed. 

Conditions That Result in Driving Strain

Numerous predicaments can bring about you to really feel anxiety even though driving. Some of the most prevalent pressure-inducing circumstances contain:

  • An additional driving slicing you off
  • Remaining trapped in bumper-to-bumper traffic
  • An aggressive driver using your bumper or starting or halting in entrance of you
  • A slow driver that will not permit you to go
  • Other cars’ failure to sign
  • Viewing other motorists working towards distracted driving
  • Drivers who are rushing or changing lanes erratically
  • Experience pressured to maneuver in unsafe ways by other automobiles
  • Emotion shed or remaining forced to choose an unfamiliar detour
  • Sudden stops that result in tough braking
  • Parking great deal/location confrontations

Depending on how often you travel, the distance you generate, and the areas you function in, you could face much more demanding driving circumstances than many others. 

Why Is It Vital to Cut down Driving Anxiety?

Lowering your anxiety levels though driving is important to your well being and the well being of others.

If you feel pressured just about every time you get at the rear of the wheel, it can put you at a larger threat for mental well being concerns like depression and stress and anxiety.

Consistent stress raises your cortisol amounts, which can have a massively negative affect on your bodily effectively-getting.

In addition to harming your mental well being, driving tension places every person on the road at a better risk of incident and damage.

A 2020 examine looked at strain and its influence on driving performance. Researchers located a number of major connections: 

  • Prior tiredness and sadness strongly effects stages of driving anxiety
  • Stressed motorists, no matter whether the stress will come from an exterior factor or driving alone, boosts the risk of traffic mishaps
  •  Adverse thoughts created risky driving behaviors
  • Stressed drivers brake and accelerate 6 instances extra commonly than non-pressured drivers
  • Pressured motorists felt 20% a lot more tired just after driving 
  • Stressed drivers are much more possible to speed, cut other motorists off, and fall short to cease at crosswalks than non-pressured motorists

How To Decrease Driving Strain To Stay Relaxed on the Road

You can get several steps to decrease pressure and continue to be tranquil on the street. These tension-reducing methods fluctuate from listening to serene new music to working towards respiratory physical exercises to offer with your current nervousness or strain. 

1. Listen to Serene Songs

If you feel stressed although driving, try out listening to relaxing audio to produce a far more tranquil ambiance.

A 2013 review that examined the effect of soothing new music on the autonomic nervous program observed that listening to tranquil appears such as rippling water or classical songs positively impacted psychological anxiety aspects and aided in recovery from worry.

Next time you hop in the car, transform on your favourite tranquil songs like lo-fi hip hop beats, rain seems, or “New Age” tunes to aid you take it easy though driving. 

2. Alter Your Journey Route

Your frequent journey route could lead to you to experience pressure thanks to congested targeted traffic or improperly taken care of or developed avenue signals or site visitors lights. 

If you obtain you pressured although driving a distinct route, alter how you get to your spot.

Having a unique system may perhaps support you steer clear of triggering traffic conditions. It may well also enable you to locate a improved route that will save you time and tension. 

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3. Hold Treats and Beverages in the Auto

Low blood sugar can induce you to feel fatigued, pressured, or puzzled.

Despite the fact that you may possibly not knowledge scientific hypoglycemia (very low blood sugar), not consuming for a number of hrs can result in you to truly feel lightheaded and irritable. 

Take into consideration preserving a several snacks and drinks on hand so that if you begin to truly feel stressed even though driving, you can enhance your blood sugar and encourage clearheadedness. 

Choose for nutritious, non-refrigerated goods like nuts, granola bars, pretzels, and nut butter to continue to keep in your auto.

These treats give you a increase of protein and balanced fat that will acquire the edge off and support you concentrate. Make sure also to depart a drinking water bottle in your car to stay hydrated. 

 4. Try Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the follow of using scents to induce unique feelings. You can use the fundamental principles of aromatherapy to develop a calming space in your motor vehicle.

Appear for car sprays or air fresheners in scents like lavender, lemon, orange, and mint to deliver a touch of peace or uplifting strength to your push. Opt for a fragrance you enjoy and hold your auto smelling clean and tranquil when you travel. 

5. Give By yourself Further Time

One particular of the most important reasons men and women experience pressure while driving is experience stress about time.

If you are dashing to operate or an essential event and site visitors is sluggish, you are extra probably to feel rushed and stressed out behind the wheel. 

To steer clear of this expertise, usually consider to give your self excess time when traveling. If achievable, depart fifteen to 20 minutes early so that you really don’t really feel the need to hurry on the highway.

Offering your self excess time also allows you rest when going through disheartening cases like targeted traffic jams or stoplights. 

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6. Conduct Breathing Workout routines

Calming respiration strategies are an simple way to decrease driving stress. Deep respiratory calms your nervous process and assists you simplicity rigidity no make any difference exactly where you are.

Choose for a respiration work out that you can do though driving, this sort of as stomach respiratory or breath counting to relaxed your nerves.

You can exercise these routines although sitting down in congested site visitors or just immediately after dealing with a nerve-racking incident triggered by an aggressive driver. 

7. Clean up Your Car or truck

Although it may not be an obvious trigger of pressured driving, sitting in a messy car or truck can add to emotions of chaos and disorganization.

If you truly feel drained or stressed, dealing with excess things in your motor vehicle shifting when braking or accelerating can increase your anxiousness.

Sitting down amongst much too a great deal “stuff” can make you experience overwhelmed and out of regulate. 

Hold your auto thoroughly clean and no cost of surplus objects like textbooks, bags, coats, and papers.

If you try to eat in your motor vehicle, throw away meals luggage as soon as probable and check out to vacuum and cleanse your auto as soon as just about every few weeks.

Retaining a clean up vehicle will aid you build a non-cluttered place to help stress-free driving. 

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8. Keep Your Children Occupied

If you travel with little ones in the car or truck, you know the wrestle of concentrating on the highway whilst they are preventing or inquiring you for items.

Whilst you can not constantly stay clear of these situations, you can attempt to plan for traveling with your kids by bringing goods that can occupy their minds though you generate. 

Hold a basket or toy organizer in the back again seat so that your young children can get a toy when they are bored.

Stock the organizer with textbooks, coloring textbooks, and markers for older youngsters. Spot various stuffed animals and age-correct toys in the bin for younger young children.

If you permit electronics, take into account allowing them view a tablet or unit for the length of the push. This will enable you to emphasis on the highway, trying to keep all people safe. 

Continue to keep Quiet and Drive On

The calmer you stay throughout your push, the better off you and other drivers on the road fare.

Driving though pressured can negatively effects your psychological and bodily well being. It can also set you at a increased threat of incident or injury when in the automobile.

Try out various calming strategies to lessen your driving worry and develop a quiet, peaceful ambiance each and every time you get at the rear of the wheel.


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