5 Signs She Wants to Be More Than Friends

5 Signs She Wants to Be More Than Friends

There are certain friendships that have a spark. The spark tells you that friendship has the potential to be something more. The thought just occurred to you one day, and you wonder, could it be possible? Could we date? 

We all have had such a friendship at some point in our lives. When you have a deep friendship with someone, you understand each other like no one else does. That friend starts to look like something more. Today, we enlist 5 signs that could tell that she wants to be more than friends

5 Signs She Is Thinking More About You Than You Think

One day, you looked at her, and you thought, why not her? The thought came in like a wrecking ball. You weren’t sure if you were overthinking or if this was a sane thought. Don’t worry, we have all been there. 

There are certain tell-tale signs that will let you know if she is interested. Friendship is what makes you both so compatible. You don’t want to ruin the amazing camaraderie that you have with her. Let’s get right into it.

She Flirts With You

The most prominent of all the signs that there are is that she will flirt with you regularly. There are quite a few women who flirt naturally. But if you know her well enough, you will know when she is being flirtatious for fun, or she is hinting at the possibility of dating. 

If you have noticed her flirting with you, half-serious, you might have a chance. Planting thoughts in your head, she could be testing the waters. 

She Touches You Casually

If she is crushing on you, the biggest sign is her comfort in being around you physically. She does not mind the brushing of skin. In fact, she may be touching you of her own volition, which is a sign that she may be more than invested in you. 

She may not be doing it on purpose either. When she likes you, she may not be able to help herself. If you like her back, you could encourage this behavior. If not, let her know you do not feel comfortable with it, and she needn’t touch you as much. 

She Tries To Make You Jealous

If your “friend” is into you, she could use her past relationships to make you jealous. In a bid to flaunt herself, she might flirt with someone else. 

There are chances she may brag about her past experiences to get a reaction out of you. Judging by your interest, she will take her next steps. This isn’t the most mature way to find out if she piqued your interest. But it works. We are all afraid of rejection. If she is testing the waters, it’s possible she wants to avoid embarrassing herself. Getting to know whether there is potential without ruining the precious bond you both share is crucial.

This is where you cut her some slack and clarify what your take on this is. 

She Is Comfortable Talking About Her Love Life

A friend who wants to mingle again will moan about her relationship status. She will let you know, too, because this is where she wants you to come in shooting your shot. Women do not share their falling out of love stories with just anyone. 

It is entirely possible that she may be mentioning it to you as a matter of fact. But it’s the intentions that matter. If you are her go-to safe place, she may be confiding in you for support. She could want to talk to you first, given that she feels safe with you, and maybe she thinks you might want to be her next. 

Basically, she is letting you know she is available in case you want to get to it. Another thing that could be a sign is that she likely tries to stay away from you when she is in a relationship. If her partner has no issues with your friendship, but she does, it is very likely that she sees you as a potential threat to her integrity. 

She Does Not Remind You Of The Friendzone

This is a telltale sign that she does not stop you from flirting. If she does not nudge you back to your place in her life as a friend, it could be your ticket. To add to the sweetness, she may even flirt back consciously or subconsciously. 

Entertaining your flirtation with her flirting back or blushing, and not denying your advances is a cherry on top. She is probably loving the fact that you are pushing the limits and seeing you in a new light just gives her a lot of new options.

To Conclude

Dude, if you like her, tell her! Considering that you are aware of her temperaments and know how to make your sentences sound coherent. If you are afraid it might ruin your friendship you have these pointers to fall back on. Look for the signs. Be diligent and sensitive. 

If you have been able to forge such a good friendship that she actually keeps you around, you probably are a keeper. Now all you need are a few signs that she might be interested and courage to take the leap of faith. 

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