5 Best Free Photo Editors You Need to Try

5 Best Free Photo Editors You Need to Try

As a photographer, it’s important to have the right tools to edit your images. These 10 Best Free Photo Editors You Need to Try can help. Adobe Express is a simple, easy-to-use photo editor that’s ideal for beginners. It offers basic vector graphic features and can handle multiple files simultaneously.

1. Snapseed

Snapseed is a free smartphone photo editing app that offers some pretty advanced features. It can do some things that only full-blown desktop software like Lightroom can do — it can spin, crop and add inscriptions to photos and comes with 29 extra image editing instruments.

It also provides a simple interface and uses gestures for some of its features. For example, swiping up or down on the Tone tool will adjust the tone of your photo and horizontal swiping will change its intensity.

Other tools in www.microsoft.com/ink include Perspective, which fixes bad angles with a tap and Lens blur, which lets you control the level of blur in your images. It has a selection of filters and effects such as black and white, Vintage and Drama. It also supports non-destructive editing, which allows you to delete or modify an edit without damaging the original image file.


VSCO, which stands for Visual Supply Company, is a photo and video editing app that allows users to add filters and effects to photographs and videos. The app also has a community where users can share their work and collaborate with other creators. The app offers various free features, but a subscription plan is also available for more advanced options.

The app provides a wide range of tools, including exposure, contrast, crop/straightening, sharpening, saturation, and color. It also has presets for different film types, including Fujifilm Superia 400 and Kodak Trix.

There are other interesting tools, such as the ability to adjust shadows and highlights, HSL, and grain. The app is simple to use and easy for beginners to get started with. It also has a built-in camera, which is more sophisticated than your typical phone camera.

3. Canva

Canva is a simple and powerful online design platform. With a variety of templates and customizable design elements, the app provides everything you need to create high-quality graphics.

The platform also offers an extensive library of free stock photos, fonts and illustrations. Its new “Magic Resize” tool automatically adjusts designs for optimal sizes on different social media platforms, making it easy to maintain a consistent and polished look across all of your content.

Another welcome addition is the ability to change the layering of images and text to add a depth of field or make it easier for visually impaired users to access your designs. Canva also recently launched Brand Hub, a collection of tools and resources that help teams stay on brand. This includes new features like alt text support and the ability to easily update your logos on all of your designs.

4. Artweaver

If you’re a beginner artist, looking to try out a new hobby or renew a long lost passion for art then Artweaver is the program for you. Their free program is perfect for beginners and provides all the basics they need to get started without spending a penny!

Unlike many other free programs Artweaver isn’t adware and comes with no strings attached. It also has some interesting features like support for layers and transparency, a history window like in Photoshop and a comfortable, customizable interface.

The software is free and can be upgraded to a plus version to get additional features and technical support. The only drawback is the lag that can be experienced while working on tabloid sized artwork. Thankfully, it’s getting better with each update. Other than that the program is an excellent digital painting programme to try out.

5. PhotoScape

PhotoScape is a free photo editing program that is easy for beginners to use. It has a variety of tools for adjusting color, adding text, cropping photos and creating posters. It also has batch photo editing and supports RAW images from renowned camera brands.

The photo enhancement toolkit is extensive and features basic tools such as color adjustment, cutting, resizing and printing, plus GIF animation. The program also has a batch editor, image viewer and built-in screen capture tool.

The photo collage tool is particularly impressive and can help you create your own postcards or wall art. Interestingly, it supports multiple layers and lets you use the same figure more than once, which isn’t always possible in other applications. The software also comes with an undo button, which is a welcome feature when you’re tinkering with different options.