4 Approaches Astrology and Therapy Work Alongside one another

Seeking therapy and consulting an astrologer may seem like two completely different paths one might take when looking for help and guidance. However, the concepts of astrology and therapy are often quite complementary, each helping to improve various areas of life. Here are four approaches in which astrology and therapy work alongside one another.

First, astrology can be used to better understand the underlying purpose of struggles. Recent research shows that psychological processes are deeply influenced by cosmic cycles and the energies of the planets. By understanding the planetary positions, people can gain a deeper level of insight into their problems and what they could potentially do to address them.

Second, astrological principles can serve as a foundation for therapy. Traditional astrology draws from ancient wisdom when interpreting the heavens, recognizing that the movements of planets symbolize various developments from birth to death. By using the symbolism of the stars and planets to map out a person’s life, it is possible for a therapist to make more meaningful connections between a patient’s experiences and challenges.

Third, astrological components can help to create a sense of hope and acceptance of experiences. By recognizing that life challenges are most often caused by larger astrological influences, individuals can accept challenges with a more open attitude and work to actively identify solutions. This can create a sense of relief and peace, allowing people to better cope with their issues.

Finally, astrology can offer a broader perspective on a person’s life. When viewed through the lens of astrology, a person’s life may appear very different and their challenges may take on new meaning. Looking at a person’s chart can allow therapists to recognize patterns and behaviors that may have otherwise gone unnoticed, identify potential strengths and weaknesses, and help them attain greater self-awareness.

Overall, astrology and therapy can be seen as two sides of the same coin, working in tandem to help people better understand their lives and how to improve them. Through exploring and integrating aspects of astrology with traditional therapies, individuals can embark on a more meaningful journey towards self-improvement and contentment. [ad_1]

If you’ve got at any time had a start chart looking through, you know that it can affirm and illuminate a great deal about on your own, which in and of by itself can be fairly therapeutic and paradigm-shifting. Effectively, when you add therapy into the mix—as in viewing your chart via a therapeutic lens—it can choose items to a different stage.

Psychologist and astrologer Jennifer Freed, PhD, explains that your start chart can assistance discover styles and challenges you are intended to navigate in this life span, or as she places it, your “cosmic lesson prepare.” To mix the two techniques of astrology and remedy, Dr. Freed suggests doing the job with somebody with a remedy license and astrological understanding. But as a starting position, down below she shares 4 methods astrology and therapy can get the job done with each other. 

1. Figuring out quick-expression and long-term troubles

Dr. Freed states one of the a lot of awesome things about astrology is that it can assist pinpoint the long-term, lengthy-standing challenges that you’ve dealt with since beginning (for occasion, perhaps you have normally experienced a tough time expressing your thoughts), as perfectly as acute concerns that arrive up for a period of time and relate to a certain transit or cycle you happen to be likely by way of, this kind of as your Saturn return, for instance. So on the lookout at your natal chart as a whole—plus what’s going on presently in the cosmos at any presented moment—can support pinpoint what concerns would be handy to operate by way of in remedy. 

2. Reflecting on your internal and outer realities

Unpacking your sunshine, moon, and climbing signals (aka your significant three) is a further fantastic way to blend astrology and treatment, as they expose vital facets of who you are. As a refresher, your sunlight indicator signifies your identification. Your rising indication, Dr. Freed claims, is your persona, type of the job you are supplied in your family members, although your moon signal is your non-negotiable emotional needs.

So as a beginning place in therapy, Dr. Freed endorses speaking about these various areas to recognize oneself greater. Who do you feel you are? (sunshine sign) What do you require to truly feel emotionally glad? (moon indicator) What experience do you present the planet? (soaring indication) Your moon indication, in specific, she says, is really critical as it represents your internal environment and can expose a ton about what you need to have to function by way of in remedy. 

If you’re a Pisces moon, for occasion, “it means that you have to have to be ready to say how sensitively you experience about factors, how damage you are, and also to understand to consider a stage back and not personalize anything,” Dr. Freed suggests. So in therapy, a Pisces moon would profit from functioning on discerning what they’re emotion. 

3. Decoding the unconscious

If you never previously maintain a dream journal, commence one ASAP. “Desire get the job done is really powerful for all indicators,” Dr. Freed claims. “It requires some self-control since you have to publish down or history your desires, but desire function can be an incredible option to marry astrology with psychology.” 

If you shell out near notice, Dr. Freed adds, themes of whichever astrology cycle you are going by will pop up in your goals that can aid decode what’s heading on in the unconscious intellect. To assistance with this, she suggests noting the common concept of your dreams and wanting to what planet guidelines that theme. Mercury, for example, regulations interaction, and Pluto regulations dying and rebirth. Then reflect on what that planetary energy wants you to develop into knowledgeable of in your conscious point out. 

4. Picking out what type of therapy tools get the job done finest for you

There is no shortage of treatment kinds accessible. There is reparenting therapy, CBT (cognitive behavioral remedy), and hypnotherapy, to identify a number of. Nonetheless, not all variations will get the job done for anyone, and astrology can help obtain a style of therapy that would get the job done greatest for you. To do so, Dr. Freed endorses noting the elements of your sunlight, moon, and mounting signals. 

For occasion, if you might be closely an air human being (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), Dr. Freed indicates grounded, slow-transferring therapies that will assistance provide you a lot more into your body, such as CBT which focuses on how to be extra conscious and mindful.

Individuals with a lot of earth electrical power in their natal chart (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) will reward from cathartic and expressive therapy “so you can get out of the mud,” Dr. Freed suggests. Imagine rebirthing treatment or breathwork, which can aid go caught energy. 

If you’re a fiery individual (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), on the other hand, “do the job with therapies that enable you be extra contemplative, conscious, and reflective, and basically slow your roll [and] not be so tempestuous, impulsive, and easy to anger,” Dr. Freed claims. “You want to get the job done with therapies that assistance you in fact organize and mature and be much more intentional.” Illustrations include things like self-item therapy and attachment therapy. 

Lastly, Dr. Freed says drinking water indicators (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) need to have treatment that allows them assert by themselves, create strong boundaries, and aid take care of their flood of emotions. For this, she indicates hugely structured therapies, this kind of as transient or intention-oriented therapy, in which you decide on a objective and the therapist helps keep you accountable.

No matter whether you select to use all of Dr. Freed’s tips, or target on just one device at a time, figuring out a way to incorporate astrology and treatment can assist you deepen your knowing of equally techniques and how to use them to your own advancement journey.


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