3 Things That Help My Mental Wellness

Mental Wellness is a term used to describe not just the absence of a mental health issue, but the presence of both a strong mental state and a well balanced lifestyle. Good mental wellness is important for everyone, and there are several things that I do to promote and maintain good mental wellness.

Firstly, I prioritize getting enough quality sleep. I maintain consistent sleeping patterns and strive to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep each night. I also take advantage of the benefits that naps can provide, and make sure to take at least one nap a day to help me stay focused and alert.

Secondly, I ensure that I set aside time each day to practice mindfulness and self-reflection. I have found that both activities help to clear my mind and bring clarity to any issues or questions I might have. Additionally, I make sure to carve out time to engage in both calming and exciting activities that help me stay relaxed and motivated.

Finally, I make sure to regularly maintain social connections. Surrounding myself with family, friends, or even just a stranger on the street helps me to feel supported and inspired. I also find that social connections can provide valuable advice, guidance, and insight.

Therefore, my three key practices for maintaining good mental wellness include getting enough quality sleep, practicing mindfulness and self-reflection, and regularly maintaining social connections. By incorporating these activities into my daily life, I stay mentally healthy, alert, and balanced. [ad_1]

Viewing as Might is mental well being consciousness month, it is received me thinking about the points that assistance my psychological wellness. As you’d count on, there are a lot of items. On the other hand, there are three points in specific that assist my mental health and fitness extra than something else and I want to share these 3 issues with you nowadays.


My really like of walking hasn’t always been there. As a little one I couldn’t stand it. I preferred it even much less as a teenager. I was always the just one at the back, moaning, driving my dad and mom nuts. But as I hit my late thirties, some thing changed. Abruptly, I desired to wander everywhere you go. And now I cannot picture a working day going by without some variety of wander showcasing in it.

I guess strolling grew to become additional of a detail to me when I started out working. Likely out with the working team I’m in aided me to uncover plenty of unique routes that I would never ever have located myself. It gave me the confidence to get out there and to examine. To belief that if I get lost, I know the space very well adequate to come across my way back again. And then when we obtained a pet, nicely the offer was sealed.

About Easter I walked the 2nd 50 % of the South Downs Way in two days. If you really do not know it, the route goes from Amberley to Eastbourne, that’s 54 miles in complete. That’s mainly additional than two marathons. And I did it. Teenager me would hardly ever have considered it. And the best of it is, I appreciated it! Final weekend I also walked from Winchester to Petersfield, the initial quarter of the SDW, a different 25 miles. And I am also thanks to go on a a few-day hike in the mountains of Italy at the conclusion of future month. To say I love walking is an understatement.

Aside from the bodily added benefits of going for walks, and the fact I have realised I’m truly fairly fantastic at it, the headspace it presents me is incomparable to anything else. I have sure routes that I wander when I come to feel significantly pressured or anxious. It has come to be like a pilgrimage to me. Of study course, it involves a hill (in my belief all good walks should really consist of a hill at some issue), and woodland paths, and views for absolute days. There is one particular distinct spot that holds a particular spot in my heart, known as the Poets Stone. I go there when I know my head desires emptying. I usually go there and have a little bit of a cry. I go there when I’m worried about one thing, or pressured, or just a bit twitchy. And each single time I go, I arrive back again feeling a million times superior. The place is special, but the whole system of obtaining there is amazingly therapeutic for me, such is the electricity of a great walk.

Going for walks utilized to be about receiving from A to B. Not now. Now it is a journey. A journey to be relished the whole step of the way. A suggests to apparent my head, to rationalise, to place factors into perspective, and to emphasis on the positives.


Everyone has their favourite position. It could possibly be on the beach, or in the mountains, or possibly even Disneyland. But for me, it is the forest. Give me a couple of several hours of totally free roaming in the woods and this female is all types of pleased. It is a essential element of what I will need to support my psychological well being.

The woods have prolonged performed a essential part in my life. I have fond recollections of browsing my grandparents and heading for walks in the woods at the facet of their household. Even now any time I see a flowering gorse it reminds me of them and those people woods. In addition to that, 1 of the homes I lived in for a few several years when I was small had a yard that backed onto the woods. Oh, the adventures me and my brother had in individuals woods. Potion creating, climbing and falling out of trees, having stuck in bogs, freaking ourselves out in the dim bits, operating up and down the monkey bumps (significant dips in the floor that to this day I still have no clue why they were identified as that!), and disappearing for several hours at a time. That forest was our playground. Our entire world in simple fact. It was a put where by time stood however, wherever nothing at all was unachievable. A house wherever we could be totally free to be our correct selves. And I guess that has stuck with me. That glorious nostalgia from some of the best periods of my childhood has cemented my appreciate for the woods. So much so that it was a person of the ‘must haves’ on my checklist of areas I would shift to when we were being wanting for a new household. It can not be a coincidence that the dwelling we selected backs onto the most spectacular woodland, and even improved we personal a handful of acres of it! Literally my desire appear correct.

It is not just the sense-good vibes from my childhood that I like about the woods. These times I obtain it an amazingly tranquil and restorative location to be in much too. Analysis has revealed that remaining all-around trees is excellent for us in a amount of various means. They can assist reduced our blood stress, make us sense calm and a lot less pressured, minimize stress, and properly, they are just bloody fantastic.

Here’s an example for you…

This morning teen 1 wouldn’t get out of bed. Teen 2 was stressing she’d be late, which to be truthful she would be and has been each and every blinking Thursday (teen 1 has double history on a Thursday so it’s like striving to pull a snail out of its shell striving to get him to go away the residence on that day!) I’m on day 2 of a negative period, sensation achy and heavy and my belly feels like it is been put as a result of a mangle. I want to remain in bed and wallow, but the puppy desires strolling and individuals teens seriously are not going to get out of the residence themselves. I feel like crap, and my temper isn’t substantially much better. And however within seconds of stepping out on to the mossy carpet of woodland at the bottom of my back garden I am restored. I acquire deep lungful’s of air, my eyes soak up the verdant environmentally friendly landscape, and I experience at house. I am calm. I am in command. I am capable of everything.

And that is why I really like the woods and why my mental wellbeing gains so significantly from paying time out there in among the trees, and the moss, and the wildlife. It is my happy put. The location I truly feel like me. The put that requires me again to the earlier, holds me existing, and inspires me in the direction of the long run all at the similar time.


The 3rd matter to assistance my psychological overall health is woofs. Okay, I say woofs, of class I signify canine – the language geek in me could not resist the 3 issues commencing with a W! So yeah, pet dogs. I absolutely hated them as a child. Was terrified shitless.

If memory serves me proper, I think my dread of pet dogs all stemmed from a pet outside the house the chemists when I was small. I was waiting around outdoors while my mum was inside shopping for a thing or other. People were the times when it was totally fantastic to depart your extremely young little one outside the house. I try to remember this individual chemist had a stuffed puppy inside, very well I say stuffed puppy, I’m guessing it was not really a genuine stuffed pet. In any case, I’d stroked this pretend canine in advance of and I guess my harmless small intellect figured that all dogs stayed however, preferred to be stroked etc. So, even though I waited for my mum alongside a authentic pet tied up to a bin, of course I assumed it was a good concept to stoke it. The puppy, however, wasn’t so eager. I don’t imagine it little bit me, mainly because I undoubtedly didn’t go to healthcare facility or just about anything like that, but it ought to have growled and bared its teeth at me. Which was it for me. Me and canines had been accomplished.

And ever due to the fact that second, I was completely petrified of all pet dogs. I keep in mind another important puppy trauma minute was currently being on holiday break in Portugal. I should have been it’s possible 8 or 9 anything like that and we were going for walks across this type of wasteland from our lodge to get into city. In the length I could see 2 pet dogs coming in direction of us. No entrepreneurs or nearly anything, so they had been probably strays, but they weren’t remaining intense, they have been just inquisitive. But my natural flight reaction kicked in and I right away began functioning. Which of course is the worst thing you can do. The pet dogs ran right after me, just after all I was jogging and producing a racket, what a pleasurable game of chase this would be for them. My moms and dads have been shouting at me to stay nonetheless, but I was possessing none of it. Practically nothing lousy transpired thankfully, but it was a further explanation for me to detest canine.

Request any just one of my relatives if I’d have a pet dog when I was more mature, and they’d have laughed and stated no way. And still here I am right now, with a 4-year-outdated cockapoo that I am actually obsessed with. So, what adjusted?

Nicely, pals with stunning puppies assisted for starters. But what definitely did it, was my daughter. Who at the age of 9 went on a complete-blown mission to convince me we wanted a pet. She took it on herself to basically set a business program collectively. She did her investigate, set alongside one another an overall folder of the causes why we need to get a doggy, what the pet dog would require, essential information about pet dogs. She even went so considerably as to work out the costings and a budget program. It was comprehensive. And when I realised how a lot it meant to her and that my only serious situation with pet dogs was that I was not extremely enamoured about picking up pet poo, it appeared as while we were left with no alternative. We were being a family members crying out for a pet dog. Myself and my spouse equally perform from residence. I really like operating and likely on extensive walks. The youngsters ended up at a decent age to be accountable. And we had loads of pals with pet dogs and who would offer to enable out when we went on holiday. So yeah, we bought a pet dog.

And my god it was the best matter that at any time occurred to us. Baxter has modified all of our lives for the superior and we are not able to now picture lifetime devoid of him. He will make us snicker on a day-to-day basis. He delivers out a comfortable aspect to my teenage son that no a person else can. He comforts my teenage daughter if she’s possessing a person of people days. He will help get us outside the house each individual working day. He even has his personal theme tune. I imply arrive on, who does not have a concept tune for their pet!?!

Without him, my mental health and fitness would be a lot tougher to keep in verify than it is. He’s my furry operate buddy. My lover in crime. My shadow. And I can not believe I never got it before. But dogs truly are every little thing.

I even now can’t rather believe that that out of the 3 matters that support my mental overall health, 2 of them are issues that I definitely detested when I was younger.  It is amusing how matters adjust isn’t it?

How we deal with our psychological wellness is very significantly a personalized issue. There is no 1 dimension matches all option. What operates for one particular person, possibly will not do the job for an additional. It is extremely much a trial and mistake approach a journey of self-discovery to examine what items assist make you really feel mentally balanced. I am grateful for every single single 1 of these points. I just wish I’d figured out faster that the issues that make me happiest are far simpler than I ever realised. Any 1 of these points helps my head but mix all three (going for walks in the woods with my woofer) and my god I feel bloody remarkable.

I wrote this blog write-up with the intention of it being a prompt to all those who browse it. I believe from time to time we really don’t let ourselves sufficient time to replicate on the things that matter to us most. And it is this reflection that can enable us accomplish far better mental health. So, take this time now to have a believe about the 3 things that function wonders for your mental health. It can be completely nearly anything at all. There are no completely wrong responses.

What Matters Assist You With Your Mental Wellbeing?

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