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According to a recent report by PR Newswire, 2023 is expected to be a year of great innovation in infrastructure and operations priorities and advances in technology. The report suggests that a number of key developments in the area of infrastructure, operations and automation are expected to lead the way in 2023.

1. Cloud Migration. Cloud migration is expected to be one of the top priorities in 2023 as organizations move away from legacy systems and towards improved technology. Moving to the cloud will provide increased scalability, improved cost efficiency, faster deployment of new services, and increased flexibility when adapting to changes in demand.

2. DevOps and Containerization. The report suggests that DevOps and Containerization will be significant areas of focus in 2023. DevOps is an approach to software development which is designed to Automate infrastructure, reduce deployment times and increase overall application uptime. It encourages increased collaboration between development and operations departments. Containers have become increasingly popular to help support cloud applications and their ability to package software into easily deployable and manageable “containers” is expected to be further refined in the coming year.

3. Automation. Automation is expected to play a major role in 2023 and is expected to help organizations to streamline their processes and reduce manual labor. Automation can provide improved accuracy, cost savings, and improved efficiency. Many organizations are currently exploring automation solutions to help reduce how long certain tasks take and to help streamline their processes.

4. Security. In an era of increased cyber-attacks, security is an increasingly important part of any organization’s operations. Organizations are expected to invest significantly in security solutions in the coming year to ensure their data is protected from malicious actors and to help safeguard their systems from cyber-attacks.

The report suggests that these key areas will be significant drivers of infrastructure and operations in 2023, as organizations strive to keep up with increasingly complex and ever-changing technology. In response, they will be looking at ways to improve their processes while also keeping their systems and data secure.

2023’s Leading Infrastructure and Operations Priorities in New Report by …  PR Newswire

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