&#039The Elephant Whisperers&#039 — An Oscar-nominated appreciate tale about people today and pachyderms

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Long celebrated by humans as an integral part of their culture, creatures of the animal kingdom have often captivated our attention. In particular, elephants have always been regarded as majestic and wise. An astounding feature film The Elephant Whisperers, highlighting the culture, wisdom, and perception of the majestic African bush elephants, showcases a unique bond between two unlikely families; the elephants and their human saviors.

The Elephant Whisperers is an 90-minute documentary feature film written and directed by Thomas Holst and produced by Susan Rockefeller from the US. This Oscar-nominated film brings to life the extraordinary true story of Bren Orton and Dr. Jimmy Nyawo, two African elephant conservationists, and their efforts to protect the threatened and endangered species. The documentary was shot mostly in South Africa’s Addo Elephant National Park and outlines the duo’s success in creating a passionate relationship between humans and elephants.

The documentary follows their journey of forming a bond and creating a strong relationship with the elephants in order to save their lives. Featuring thrilling footage of the wildlife and their antics, the film presents how the unspoken communication between humans and elephants allowed Orton and Nyawo to discover the secrets of a species they were to protect. The two conservationists demonstrate the power of touch, feeling, and love within the animal kingdom and the positive risk it can be to make a difference.

Amidst the destruction that has been caused over the years by humans in the name of war and hunting, the Elephant Whisperers are a reminder that we as humans have the responsibility and capacity to cause destruction, but also the power to save, nurture, and love. Through their journey, Orton and Nyawo provide a unique insight into a world of human and animal interactions that is different from the conventional view of the human-animal relationship, which is one of fear and fear-based exploitation of animals.

By telling the story of the Elephant Whisperers, their message is a beautiful reflection on how love and understanding can transcend between animals and humans, as well as contributing to the preservation of elephants and other endangered species. The Elephant Whisperers has inspired many more conservationists, making people more aware of their activity and how it affects animals. This Oscar-nominated appreciation tale speaks a tremendous volume of the kind and caring relationship possible between humans and animals, and the many ways that we can continue to protect the animals in our world. [ad_1]

Caretaker Bomman with Raghu.

Nominated in the documentary short film group and now streaming on Netflix, the film depicts the loving partnership of a tribe in India and the pachyderms who share the forest with them.

(Picture credit: Netflix/Screenshot by NPR )


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